Short Consultation (15 min.)
Long Consultation/Standard Online Lab Consultation (30 min.)
Pain Treatment Session (60min.)
Pain treatment package

Including 4 treatments

Blood Taking & Processing Fee
PRP Facial Session (60min.)
PRP Combined Facial & Hair Session (90 min.)
FSM Treatment Session (60 min.)
Acupuncture Session (60 min.)
Functional Medicine Package
incl. health questionnaire evaluation, first consultation discussing the questionnaire and planning for testing, testing (stool, blood and/or urine), second consultation discussing lab tests and creating a treatment plan, sourcing supplements, third consultation discussing the treatment plan

*Follow up consultations as outlined above.
*Price does not include fees for testing (typically anywhere between 350 and 1500 Euro, but can be more or less depending on the case), and the package price does not include the supplements.