Pain Treatment Dublin

Pain is a complex and multifaceted symptom that requires a personalized approach to treatment. At our clinic, we understand the intricacies of pain and offer a comprehensive strategy for pain treatment to find relief and improve your quality of life.

Pain therapy Dublin

Before Pain Treatment

Before embarking on your pain treatment journey, we take the time to understand your unique situation. Our approach begins with a thorough assessment, including:

Patient Consultation: We start by having a detailed conversation with you to understand your symptoms, medical history, and any contributing factors.

Examination: A comprehensive physical examination is conducted to identify the root causes of your pain.

Timeline Analysis: Understanding the timeline of your pain helps us pinpoint when and how it started, which is crucial for effective pain treatment.

Based on the information gathered during this initial assessment, we create a tailored pain management plan designed specifically for you.

The Pain Treatment

Our pain therapy treatments are grounded in a holistic approach, and we employ a variety of methods to address your pain effectively:

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM): FSM is one of our most versatile and frequently used treatments. It involves the use of micro-doses of electric current at specific frequencies to influence your body’s physiology. Each frequency targets a specific physiological function or tissue. By combining frequencies, we can precisely target the source of your pain and promote healing.

LNB Pain Therapy: This method is particularly effective for myofascial pain. LNB Pain Therapy is a manual, non-invasive approach based on the latest research on fascia. Fascia plays a significant role in pain development, and this treatment is designed to alleviate discomfort and restore your well-being.

Auricular Acupuncture: In cases where conventional treatments are not producing the desired results, we may incorporate auricular acupuncture. This specialized form of European ear acupuncture helps identify and neutralize pain “focus” points within the body.

Functional Medicine: When necessary, we utilize our background in functional medicine to address underlying health issues contributing to pain, such as chronic inflammation. Identifying and addressing the root cause of systemic health problems is essential for achieving lasting pain relief.

Pain treatment and therapy in Dublin, Ireland
After pain treatment

After Treatment

Your journey towards a pain-free life doesn’t end with your appointments. We provide you with valuable tools and guidance to maintain your well-being:

Homework: We give you personalized exercises, including constriction point stretches, to support your recovery and maintain the benefits of our treatment.

Diet and Lifestyle: We discuss diet, micro-nutrients, and lifestyle factors that play a pivotal role in pain genesis and management. These recommendations are essential for building a foundation of good health.

Achieve Lasting Pain Relief with Us

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and resources to stay pain-free in the long term, promoting a higher quality of life and overall well-being.

If you’re ready to take control of your pain and embark on a journey toward a pain-free life, contact us today to schedule your personalized pain therapy session. Together, we can address the root causes of your pain and help you regain your vitality.

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