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Our online doctor services are committed to providing accessible, convenient, and top-quality healthcare services for you and your family. We understand that your health is of paramount importance, and our online doctor Ireland is always open to meet your medical needs. Book your online GP consultations now.

Online Doctor Ireland Services

Online doctor Ireland

Video Consultations

Our experienced and compassionate general practitioners are just a click away. Whether you have a pressing health concern or simply need expert medical advice, our doctor online consultations provide a quick and effective way to address your healthcare needs. You can consult with our online doctors from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you with video consultation.

Online doctor giving Digital Prescriptions

Prescriptions Online

Need a prescription? Our doctor online GP service allows you to receive the medications you require, all with the click of a button. After a thorough assessment during your virtual consultation, our online doctors can provide you with the necessary prescriptions, which can be conveniently filled at your local pharmacy.

Online doctor in Dun Laoghaire giving sick certificate

Sick Certificates

If you’re feeling unwell and require proof for your employer or school, such as a medical certificate or sick note we’ve got you covered. Our doctor online GP can provide sick certificates to support your medical leave requirements, ensuring that your health and well-being are duly acknowledged.

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Face-to-Face Consultations

We understand that some medical situations require a more hands-on approach. That’s why, if necessary, our doctor online services also offer the option of face-to-face patient consultations at our clinic in Dun Laoghaire. Your health is our priority, and we are here to accommodate your specific needs.

How Does Online Consultation Work?

Video consultations with our online doctor offer substantial convenience by eliminating travel and allowing access to healthcare services directly from your home. They are especially useful for routine check-ups, minor health issues, mental health discussions, and subsequent visits.

During the consultation, our online Dr will address your symptoms and concerns. The video format allows the doctor to see you, which aids in making crucial clinical assessments.

You will receive a management plan from your online doctor, which could include online prescriptions, referrals for further evaluation, or a medical certificate. Additionally, a record of the doctor’s notes and recommendations will be sent to your secure patient account for your reference.

Online Doctor Ireland
Ireland Online GP Consultations

Why Choose Our Online GP Consultations?

Experienced Professionals: Our online general practitioner is not only highly qualified but also deeply committed to delivering the best healthcare services. You can trust in their expertise and dedication to your well-being.

Convenience: Our doctor online platform brings the GP’s office to your doorstep. No need for long waiting times or inconvenient commutes; access healthcare from wherever you are.

Privacy and Security: We prioritise the confidentiality and security of your medical information. Our web doctors platform adheres to the highest standards of data protection, ensuring your peace of mind.

Timely Care: Your health concerns don’t wait, and neither do we. Our web doctors offer efficient and timely healthcare solutions to address your needs promptly.

Your health is our priority, and our mission is to make quality healthcare accessible to all. When you choose our Doctor Online GP Clinic, you’re choosing a trusted partner in your health journey.

Book your online consultation for digital healthcare today and experience the future of healthcare from the comfort of your own space. Your well-being is just a click away.

Online Digital Healthcare Advice

Online doctor Ireland digital health advice is revolutionising the way patients access confidential healthcare services. Through digital platforms, individuals can seek guidance and support without the need for physical appointments, enabling greater convenience and efficiency. Patient consultations conducted online allow healthcare providers to address current symptoms promptly, providing timely interventions and recommendations.

Online doctor ensures that patients receive the attention they need when they need it most, while also maintaining the confidentiality of their medical information. This advice not only enhances accessibility but also empowers patients to take control of their health, fostering a proactive approach to wellness management.

GP Online Ireland

FAQ to Our Doctor Online


What services does the online doctor offer?

Our doctor online offers a wide range of medical services similar to those you would receive at a traditional doctor's office. This includes medical advice, prescriptions, referrals to specialists, and chronic disease management.


How can I book an appointment with an doctor online?

You can book an appointment by visiting our website and selecting the 'Book Appointment' option. Follow the prompts to choose a suitable time and date. You will need to fill in some personal details and describe the reason for your visit.


What is happening during the online doctor consultations?

In an online doctor video consultation, several key steps usually take place to ensure that the patient receives a similar level of care as they would in an in-person visit, but remotely. Here’s a typical rundown of what happens:

Scheduling and Preparation

The patient schedules an appointment through a platform or service that offers video consultations. Before the consultation, the patient might be asked to provide relevant medical history, symptoms, and any specific issues they want to discuss.

Technical Setup

Both the patient and the doctor need a stable internet connection, a device with a camera (like a computer, tablet, or smartphone), and access to the video conferencing platform that the clinic uses.
Identification and Consent: At the start of the consultation, the doctor might verify the patient's identity and ensure that the patient understands and consents to the online consultation process and any data handling that comes with it.


The actual consultation takes place via video call. The doctor will ask questions about the patient's symptoms, medical history, and any other relevant information. The patient can also ask questions and express concerns. The doctor might guide the patient through self-examination techniques if necessary.

Diagnosis and Advice

Based on the discussion and observations during the video call, the doctor might offer a diagnosis or request further tests (which might require a physical visit or can sometimes be done at home). The doctor will also provide advice on managing the condition, including prescribing medication, recommending lifestyle changes, or referring to specialists.

Online Prescriptions and Follow-ups

If medication is prescribed, the prescription can often be sent directly to a pharmacy electronically. The doctor may also schedule a follow-up visit to monitor the patient's progress.


The doctor will document the consultation in the patient's medical records, just as they would with an in-person visit.


Finally, the patient may need to handle payment or insurance claims, which can often be completed online through the healthcare provider’s platform.


Is an online consultation appropriate for emergencies?

No, online consultations are not suitable for emergency situations. If you have a medical emergency, please visit your nearest hospital emergency department or call the local emergency services immediately.


What technology do I need to use the online doctor service?

You will need a reliable internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Ensure your device supports video calling.


How are prescriptions online handled through the online doctor service?

Online prescriptions issued by the doctor can be sent directly to a pharmacy of your choice electronically, or you can receive a digital prescription that can be used at any pharmacy.

In Ireland, the process for handling online prescriptions through online doctor services generally follows a systematic and secure approach to ensure the convenience and safety of patients. Here's an overview of how these services typically work:

  • Registration and Profile Creation

Patients start by registering on the online doctor service platform. They create a personal profile where they can provide their medical history and any relevant health information.

  • Online Consultation Booking

Patients can book an appointment for an online consultation. This can be done through the website or app of the service provider. Appointments are typically available for a range of medical issues that are suitable for remote consultation.

  • Virtual Consultation

At the scheduled time, the patient engages in a virtual consultation with a qualified healthcare professional, such as a GP. This consultation can happen via video call, phone call, or sometimes through a messaging system, depending on the service.

  • Assessment and Prescription Online

During the consultation, the doctor assesses the patient's health condition and determines the appropriate treatment. If a prescription is needed, the doctor can issue an electronic prescription. This prescription is then sent electronically to a pharmacy that is either chosen by the patient or partnered with the online doctor service.

  • Online Prescription Fulfillment and Delivery

The pharmacy receives the electronic prescription and dispenses the medication. Patients can choose to pick up their medication in person or have it delivered to their home. Some services offer same-day delivery, particularly in urban areas.

  • Follow-Up

Some online doctor services may also provide follow-up consultations if necessary to monitor the patient’s health and the effectiveness of the treatment.

  • Security and Privacy

Online doctor services in Ireland are required to comply with strict regulations regarding patient privacy and data protection. They use secure platforms for consultations and ensure that all personal health information is protected.

  • Regulatory Compliance

These services are regulated under Irish health service regulations, ensuring that they meet specific standards for healthcare delivery. Doctors providing these services are typically registered with the Medical Council in Ireland.

This system provides a convenient option for those who need medical consultations and prescriptions without needing to visit a doctor's office physically. It's particularly useful for managing ongoing conditions, minor ailments, or getting prescriptions when traveling.


Can I get a referral to a specialist through the online dr Ireland?

Yes, if your online doctor determines that you need specialised care, they can issue a referral electronically. You can use this referral to book an appointment with a specialist.


What are the consultation fees, and how do I make a payment?

Consultation fees are outlined on our 'Fees' page. Payment can be made online through secure payment methods, including credit and debit cards, at the time of booking your appointment.


Are the online consultations confidential and secure?

Yes, we prioritize your privacy and security. All online consultations are conducted through secure, encrypted video conferencing technology that complies with healthcare regulations.


Can I cancel or reschedule my online appointment?

Yes, appointments can be canceled or rescheduled by accessing your online doctor Ireland booking confirmation email and following the instructions provided. Please note that we may have a cancellation policy which requires notice within a certain timeframe.


How can I provide feedback about my experience?

We welcome your feedback to improve our services. After your consultation, you will receive an email with a link to a feedback form, or you can directly contact us through our website.